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Questions and Answers Ladok (FAQ)

Please see questions and answers about Ladok. The page is updated continuously.

User tips


 We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. The mobile interface is constantly evolving. For example, exam registration is easier to find and use via computer.

If you have studied at other universities/higher education institution

If you study or have studied at several universities in Sweden, you can use the service "Change higher education institution" in Ladok for students  and see your information from the other university.

Automatic login to wrong university/higher education institution

If you have an account at another university, you may encounter problems when logging in. It may be that you are automatically connected to the other university. You have to clear settings. Use this link ​​ Clear settings  Then log in again, choose the KTH Royal Institute of Technology as the identity service provider.

To access your information in Ladok for students when you have finished studying

You can create an account via eduID  (only with Swedish national identity number) which serves as a login to Ladok for students at all higher education institutions in Sweden that have Ladok. If you have login information for  or  , they also work when logging in.

Log in with eduID or another option

Click on Ladok for students   and "Select university" enter e.g. eduid in the search field and then select eduID Sweden.

In future, you select eduID in the list of 'higher education institutions' (not KTH) when you log in, you can delete KTH as an alternative.


If below FAQ do not answer your questions, please contact

Ladok for students or Personal menu – Services

How do I find all the information that I previously found under "Courses"?

Log in to Ladok for students   or via the Personal menu (at top of the KTH web page)/Services/Manage my studies

What can I see and do under "Manage my studies"?

You can register for upcoming courses (if the registration period is open), make course selections if needed, see current, upcoming, uncompleted and completed courses, see study results, obtain a result certificate, a certificate of expected participation and a registration certificate and apply for a degree certificate. Please note that a transcript might provide you with a better overview of your course results than just a view of your study results can.

What notifications (mail) will I receive?

You will receive an email when a new result is reported. Once the registration for exams opens, you will receive an email if the course/exam concerns you. An email reminder will be sent out 7 days before exam registration closes. You will also receive a notification via the megaphone in the Personal menu when the registration for exams is opened. In the megaphone you can view your read and unread messages.

NOTE! If you change the e-mail address, the one specified as forwarding at KTH will not be changed automatically. You do this in the Personal menu - click on your name on the left, under "My settings" you will find "Forwarding of e-mail from your KTH e-mail address. It is important that this is updated as some of the notifications that KTH sends go to it the address you enter at KTH, eg room placement for exams.

Personal and contact information

 How do I update my contact information?

 You log in to the Personal menu. Under your name you find Settings.

NOTE! If you change the e-mail address, the one specified as forwarding at KTH will not be changed automatically. You do this in the Personal menu - click on your name on the left, under "My settings" you will find "Forwarding of e-mail from your KTH e-mail address. It is important that this is updated as some of the notifications that KTH sends go to it the address you enter at KTH, eg room placement for exams.

How do I change my registered address?

For students with a Swedish Personal identity number (personnummer), there is a civil registration address in Ladok. The address updates on a regular basis by the Swedish Tax Office . If you move, you register your new address at the Swedish Tax Agency.

If you want to register another address Ladok for students

I have got a new Personal identity number (personnummer), how do I register it in Ladok?

Contact our support  and send your old and new number. We will verify this with the Swedish Tax Agency to ensure that the information is correct and once we have done that we will edit your new number in Ladok. This change will apply at all higher education institutions in Sweden, if you have studied at more than one.

I have a new Personal identity number (personnummer), how do I get a new Mecenat card with my new number?

Information about a new card will be sent by email automatically within a few weeks after change of number in Ladok.

Why do all my first names appear in Ladok?

If you have a Swedish social security number and have the first name marked as "first name" in the population register, only the first name is entered as a first name in Ladok. If you see all the names, it is probably not marked, then contact the Swedish Tax Agency  in the matter.

How is "middle name" displayed in Ladok?

If the student has a middle name, it is entered as a prefix in the surname.

I have a Swedish social security number but my name details are not displayed correctly, how do I do that?

Identity information on persons with a Swedish personal identity number is owned by the population register, which is why they cannot be changed. Contact the Swedish Tax Agency  for a possible change.


I want a certificate

How can, for example, an employer be certain that the certificate is authentic?

Can I restrict what information will be included in the certificate?

Certificates of academic results


Where can I see my current and upcoming courses?

 Via Personal menu/Services/Manage my Studies and click on "Registration".

Where can I see my results from the written exams/laboratory work etc?

Via Personal menu/Services/Manage my Studies and click on "Course result".


I can´t find the exam registration service

Via Personal menu/Services/Manage my studies you can find "Exam registration". You register to an examination via a link in each course under “Current education”, CURRENT.

To find registrations to exams on courses you registered on earlier semesters, choose the specific course under “UNCOMPLETED” and click “Result”.

I have not received room placement for planned examination.

The room placement for your planned examination will be sent by email to the address you registered at KTH. Make sure that you have the same address under contact details in the Personal menu/under your name/My settings as well as Forward email (also found under My settings).
(Note: certain emails will be spam-rated, such as @live, @hotmail, or @outlook, which may cause our email to be stuck with the email provider).

Can not find the exam registration, its about grade improvement.

If you already have a pass on the course and want at a grade improvement, please contact the student service desk. More information.

Want to see my written exams.

See Personal Menu/Services/Manage My Studies- Written Exams

How do I register for examinations?

You register through "Manage my studies" during the exam registration period.

How do I know when I can register?

You can see all occasions in the examination schedule, If you have something to sign up for you will receive a notification in the megaphone symbol in the Personal menu and an email to the address you registered at KTH.

How do I sign up for a re-examination?

You register via "Manage my studies".

I can´t find my exam I want to register for? / My course is not open for exam registration.

The Course Office has not opened up your for exam registration. Please contact the Course Office.

I don’t get a confirmation when I register for an examination.

Under "Manage my studies" you can see which exams you have signed up for.


I have registered but not received confirmation?

Confirmation of registration will not be sent. You can see registrations under "Manage my studies"

How do I choose courses on my master program?

Application for course application

I can´t find semester the registration service

I want to change course

Contact your study counsellor or programme coordinator.

I want to re-register for a course.

To re-register means that you intend to take a course again. For help with re-registration for a course contact the unit that is providing the course, for example the Course Office.

I can´t find the course registration button

On the start page you can see what courses are available, e.g. “Upcoming”. If you can´t find the course you are looking for there, contact the School´s Office of Student Affairs for your program for further information. Please note that it is important to do this before the course registration period close.

When can I register for courses?

The registration period must be open in order for you to be able to register

See general information about course registration

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