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Student records and services for students

KTH and other Swedish universities use the student registry LADOK to register student information and results. Ladok also offers services for students (Ladok for students) and staff.

KTH is a state authority and is subject to the rules of public documents, authorities archives and public statistics. Therefor, KTH will process personal data in the manner required to comply with applicable legislation.

For questions about KTH's processing of personal data, contact KTH's Data Protection Officer Robin Roy by e-mail at  or by telephone 08-7908752.

Availability in third-party solutions

The Ladok consortium is behind the website "Ladok for students".

There are shortcomings in the current student interface when it comes to accessibility under the new regulations. The shortcomings will be remedied in connection with a new version of Ladok for students which is expected to be completed during the first half of 2021.

On the Ladok Consortium's page, you can read more about which parts are not adapted for accessibility. (swedish)

Student records in Ladok

The information in LADOK is as a rule public. The right to access the information may however be limited by regulations pertaining to secrecy.

During your studies, the following is registered in LADOK:

  • Admission to programme and specialisation, where applicable
  • Course admission
  • Course registration
  • Results from exams (written exam, lab, exercise etc)
  • Any interruptions in course/programme attendance
  • Any approved leave from studies
  • Any exchange studies (outside Sweden)
  • Final grades from courses
  • Degree application
  • Degree

Ladok for students in the personal menu

The services collects data from Ladok so you can access the information as well as making notifications, course registrations etc. To access the services, login with your kth account. You have access to all student services even after you have completed your studies at KTH.

You can do the following via Ladok for students in the personal menu under Services)

  • Current education
    Course results, Exam registration, Registration, Non-completion (studieavbrott), and cancellation
  • Result of completed courses
  • Transcripts
  • Degree Certificate
  • Cases

Welcome to logg in to Ladok for students

You can do the following via "My services" in the personal menu under Services (Local service at KTH)