Structure of education at KTH

Degree programmes on different levels

Studies on university level in Sweden are divided into three cycles/levels:

  • Bachelor level (first cycle) - the first three years
  • Master level (second cycle) - one or two years following the first cycle
  • Doctoral/PhD (third cycle)- four years following the second cycle

Information on quality targets for each cycle (National qualifications framework)

Degree programmes at KTH

KTH offers education within all levels mentioned above.

Bachelor's programmes (first cycle)

Courses on this level at KTH are generally offered in Swedish and knowledge in the Swedish language is necessary in order to be admitted, except to our Bachelor's programme Information and Communication Technology taught in english.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Bachelor of Science

Higher Education Diploma Programmes

Five-year Master's programme/Direct master (first- and second cycle programmes)

The first three years are given in Swedish and knowledge in the Swedish language is necessary in order to be admitted to the full five-year programme. The two last years are generally given in English and offered as separate Master's programmes (1-2 years). See link below.

Master of Architecture

Master of Science in Engineering

Master's programmes, 1-2 years (second-cycle)

These programmes are offered in English.

Master's programmes

Doctoral/PhD studies (third-cycle)

Doctoral studies for Doctor of Philosophy and Licentiate of Engineering degrees

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