As an exchange student in all subject areas except from architecture, you make an individual course selection and create your own study plan. KTH offers more than 1000 Master's level courses in English. Exchange students within architecture have a set study plan.

Courses for exchange students

As an exchange student, you make an individual course selection and create your own study plan, that should be approved by your home university and KTH. You can choose courses provided that you meet the prerequisites for each course and take the majority of credits at the school you apply to.

How to select courses

Courses for exchange students within Architecture

Exchange students within Architecture must take all their courses within the School of Architecture and have a set study plan.

Courses for Architecture students

Language of instruction

The main language of instruction on Bachelor's level (year 1-3) is Swedish, the main language of instruction on Master's level (year 4-5) is English. Nevertheless, Swedish language courses are offered - and recommended - to get an introduction to Swedish society and culture. If you have some knowledge in Swedish and choose to follow a course given in Swedish, it should be noted that normally a considerable proportion of the course literature is in English and the teaching staff can be expected to have a good command of English.

More about language courses

Credits and Grades

The European Credit Transfer System, ECTS, is used at KTH. One week of full time studies (40 hours including lectures, individual studies, etc.) is equivalent to 1,5 ECTS credits. One academic year equals 60 ECTS credits and one semester equals 30 ECTS credits. The grading scale goes from A (excellent), B (very good), C (good), D (satisfactory), E (sufficent) to F/FX (fail). A distinction is made between the grades FX and F that are used for unsuccessful examinations. FX means: “fail- some more work required to pass” and F means: “fail – considerable further work required”.

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