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Some international student groups are guaranteed housing through KTH, while some have to find housing on their own. Stockholm offers a range of housing opportunities, but finding accommodation can take time so you must start looking early. The vast public transportation system makes it possible to study in one part of Stockholm and live in another.

KTH's virtual campus tour

Celine, Andrés and Elina gives you an introduction into the accommodation in Stockholm. In the virtual tour he and some other students will guide you around the campuses.

Accommodation through KTH

The following groups of students are guaranteed accommodation for up to 11 months through KTH Accommodation:

  • Tuition fee-paying students doing a full bachelor's or master's programme at KTH
    • including master's students holding a scholarship covering the tuition fee
  • Joint master's programme students in EIT Digital, EIT Innoenergy, Molecular Techniques in Life Science, Nordig, NordicFiveTech, COSSE, NordSecMob, ME3, THRUST and SAP.

Application for KTH Accommodation usually opens in May for students commencing their studies in the autumn semester. Admitted fee paying students must pay the first instalment of their tuition fee before applying for housing. The accommodation offered through KTH Accommodation is located around Stockholm within commuting distance of all campuses. Mainly single rooms are offered, but there are also some studio apartments.

Exchange students

KTH Accommodation tries to assist exchange students in finding housing during their studies; however, due to a difficult housing situation in Stockholm, KTH Accommodation is not able to help all Exchange students.

Non tuition fee-paying students

Non tuition fee-paying bachelor's and master's students are not guaranteed accommodation. However, non tuition fee-paying students admitted to a programme starting 2020 can apply for accommodation for up to 11 months through KTH Accommodation. We expect to be able to provide accommodation to a large share of the student who apply.

All details about the application process and more information about the various types of housing can be found at KTH Accommodation:

KTH Accommodation

Buildings in downtown Stockholm
Photo: Tove Freij/

Finding accommodation on your own

Finding housing in Stockholm can take some time so start looking as soon as possible. It is recommended to first join the SSSB accommodation queue . SSSB is a public housing queue for students and you can apply 90 days prior to becoming a student union member, which is a requirement.

You will not get housing through SSSB right away, but you will usually be offered housing after about a year in the queue. Once registered in this queue, start looking for accommodation through other housing companies and private ads. There are several public and private housing companies in the Stockholm area, you will be given more information after admission.

Do not pay in advance

When trying to find housing on your own please be careful as there are scammers who advertise housing on various advertising pages. Be sure to check all the information and do not pay any deposit or rent in advance, especially if you haven’t met the landlord or seen the apartment.

How far away from campus can I live?

The average commuting time in Stockholm is 40 minutes for a single journey. Use the travel planner on the website of SL (Public transport in Stockholm) to find out if the accommodation you are looking at is within commuting distance from the campus. The map below shows the location of all four KTH campuses.

SL Travel planner

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