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KTH Scholarship

The KTH Scholarship covers the full tuition fee of a one or two year master's programme. In 2023, 8 % of the scholarship applicants admitted to a programme were nominated for the KTH Scholarship (55 out of 677). The selection process for the scholarship focuses on academic excellence and drive to contribute to sustainable development.

KTH Scholarship application dates for studies starting 2024

1 December 2023: Application opens
15 January 2024 (midnight CET): Application closes

You apply to the scholarship on this page when the application is open.

Graduation ceremony in Stockholm City Hall. Photo: Kalle Börjeson,

Scholarship content

The KTH Scholarship covers the tuition fee at KTH for the first and the second year, provided that the study results during the first year are satisfactory. The scholarship does not include living costs.

How to apply

You can apply for the KTH Scholarship through the "Apply now" button, which is available in the grey box above when the application is open (1 December 2023–15 January 2024). Press the button to access the application form that you need to fill out to complete your KTH Scholarship application. You do not need to submit any additional documents since we can access your application documents at during the evaluation process.


To be eligible for the scholarship you must be a fee-paying student and have applied for a master’s programme at KTH as your first priority and paid the application fee.

Eligible programmes

KTH Scholarships are available for applicants to all programmes except for joint Erasmus+, EIT Digital, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Urban Mobility and Nordic Five Tech programmes, and the joint programme Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering. However, applicants to some of these programmes can apply for the KTH Joint Programme Scholarship . Applicants for the joint master's programmes in Molecular Techniques in Life Science, Biostatistics and Data Science, and Innovative Technology for Healthy Living (EIT Health) are eligible for the KTH Scholarship.

"If someone asks me for advice about where to start their master's studies, I would recommend KTH in Stockholm without hesitation. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful study life and have more time to think about your future."

Yuxuan Huang, KTH Scholarship awardee 2019

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is an integral part of KTH’s operations and spirit. During your time at KTH you will acquire the tools to move society in a more sustainable direction. As a consequence, scholarship applicants should describe how they intend to contribute to sustainable development with a master’s degree from KTH.

Information on sustainable development is found under each master’s programmes

Selection process

The scholarship is awarded primarily on the basis of academic excellence and the selection process is undertaken in parallel with the admissions process. Only applicants who fulfil the admission requirements of the programme applied for are eligible for a scholarship. After the applicants have been assessed for admission, an assessment of applicants for the scholarship is made based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant's grades (GPA or equivalent)
  • The ranking of the university that awarded the applicant's bachelor's degree
  • The applicant's extracurricular research experiences or publications, relevant work experience, relevant teaching experience, awards from competitions and extracurricular activities
  • The applicant’s motivation how they will contribute to the sustainable development goals with a master’s degree from KTH

"The KTH Scholarship made it financially possible for me to move to Sweden, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity. Studying at KTH has allowed me to learn about different ways of approaching medical innovation. These new perspectives are extremely valuable."

Katlin, KTH Scholarship awardee 2020