Degree Project

You are finally required to perform an independent study in the form of a thesis project. The thesis project corresponds to 30 ECTS, which is equivalent to the scope of the required final project in the current Swedish civilingenjörsexamen. The purpose of the thesis project is that you should demonstrate the ability to perform independent project work, using and developing the skills obtained from the courses in the programme. The thesis topic can either be a small research project or an advanced engineering analysis or design project.

The thesis project can either be performed at a university or, more commonly, at a company in the aerospace sector with suitable infrastructure to provide sufficient supervision and resources for the project. You will have to be active in the process of finding a suitable thesis project in industry but KTH can provide some assistance in providing information about suitable points of contact. If you are an exchange student, you are recommended to find a thesis project in your country of permanent residence or in the country where you intend to start your professional career.

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Master's programme in Aerospace Engineering