For students admitted to COSSE

Congratulations for being accepted to COSSE! When you have recieved your Letter of Admission to the programme, there are a number of important areas to look into, such as residence permit, insurance, arrival information and accommodation.

Student agreements

Student Agreement will be sent to all admitted students. The sample below is a general template and some variations might occur. Sample Student Agreement (pdf 110 kB)

Practical information

Take part of the COSSE Student Guide 2016 (pdf 358 kB) .


Scholarships for the programme are administrated by the partner university providing the offer. The terms and conditions will be regulated in a separate Scholarship Agreement.

Residence permit

Citizens from non-EU member states need to apply for a study visa and/or residence permit for the first study destination immediately after receiving the letter of Acceptance, and also to collect documents required for future visa applications with respect to the appointed mobility track. Contact the appropriate embassy in order to receive further information on the residence permit application procedure. The Letter of Acceptance as well as the Letter of Admission to the first university or bank statement and the insurance certificate are important for the residence permit application.

Booking your flight

Before booking your flight, train or ferry, please carefully check the information about arrival days for your first year university. Book your ticket well in advance and check if a transit visa is needed for intermediate landing.

Upon arrival to the first European country (intermediate, or final destination), please make sure that your passport is duly stamped and dated.