Erasmus Mundus Scholars

The European Commission provides funding to the Erasmus Mundus programmes for inviting academics affiliated to non-EU universities/academic institutions and who will contribute to the programme in their specific field. Participation in the programme is done through lectures /seminars or supervision of projects and thesis. The activity can also be combined with research relevant to the EMDC programme.

Who can apply as an Erasmus Mundus scholar?

Academics holding a PhD with outstanding academic and/or professional experience who lecture or conduct research in a higher education institution or a research organisation established in accordance with national legislation and practice.

EMDC Strategy

It is the strategy of the EMDC programme to address renowned universities in the area of Distributive Computing and as such create links that will strengthen the attractiveness of the programme. In collaboration with these institutions senior members are invited to contribute to the EMDC programme. The scholars can be hosted by one or more EMDC universities during the stay.

Funds for Scholars

The funds for Erasmus Mundus scholars amount to €1200 per week for a period of minimum two and maximum twelve weeks. This is the total funding and shall include travel, accommodation, remuneration, social costs and taxes. The correct calculation for the remuneration can be done once the length of stay has been agreed and costs for travel and accommodation are known. 


Applications are accepted continuously and applicants will be notified within ten days after the decision of the steering committee. Please complete the application form.


For further arrangements of the Scholar activities, please contact the steering committee for EMDC:

For general questions: KTH International Relations Office, Karin Knutsson,

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