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Faculty and research in Engineering Design

The Department of Machine Design coordinates the programme and supplies a majority of the courses. The research at the department is largely directed towards supporting the transition to a more sustainable society. Two units in the department are mainly involved in this master's programme, the Systems and Component Design unit and the Mechatronics and Embedded Control System unit.

Department of Machine Design

Systems and Component Design

In the Systems and Component Design unit the research focuses on essential areas for future green transports such as; Ecodesign, the development of new components for robust and durable wave energy harvesting, components and lubricants for drivelines for electric vehicles and reduction of particle emissions from vehicles and transport systems. Each of these areas is led by a professor;

Machine Elements

Research in lubricants for electric drivelines


Research in tribology, friction and particle emissions

Machine Design


Research in Ecodesign  

Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems

Research at the Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems unit focuses on the development of methods and tools for model-based design, development of advanced mechatronics systems, architecture design and safety. One typical application is the development of autonomous driving vehicles, a large and emerging research area. Key research areas at the unit are:

Professors associated with these research areas are: