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Faculty and research in Engineering Mechanics

The engineering mechanics research at KTH is highly ranked internationally. Research fields where engineering mechanics faculty at KTH continuously make significant contributions include high-Reynolds number turbulence, geophysical flows, micro- and complex fluids, fluid flow control, material mechanics, biomechanics, paper mechanics, fatigue and fracture, reliable design, aeroacoustics, structural damping and non-linear vibrations.

Involved department


Mechanical Engineering at KTH is ranked 26 in QS subject ranking.


There are more than twenty professors involved in the Engineering Mechanics programme as course instructors and supervisors for degree projects. Many are well-known world-leading scientists recognised for their teaching skills and pedagogical achievements.


The Engineering Mechanics programme at KTH is strongly linked to the Odqvist Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics. This laboratory is equipped with the latest experimental devices for testing at different lengths scales ranging from full-scale product testing to testing at the microscale. The Engineering Mechanics programme also has access to many state-of-the-art software for computational mechanics.

For questions regarding programme content and specific admission requirements, feel free to contact the programme coordinator or directors.