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Fluid Mechanics track

The Fluid Mechanics track is one of three tracks within the Master's programme in Engineering Mechanics. The students taking the track in Fluid Mechanics will acquire a deep and widely applicable competence in fluid mechanics preparing them for their future profession.

Fluid mechanics is found everywhere, both in nature and industrial applications, and plays an important role in the development of many future products. Anything that involves a fluid (gas or liquid) is fluid mechanics. These fluids may or may not contain particles such as raindrops in the air, red blood cells flowing in blood or the fibres found in paper pulp flows. The areas of applications are, for example, found in various energy conversion processes such as wind and wave power as well as conventional combustion engines, but also in vehicle design, where focus can be directed towards optimizing wings on aircrafts, minimizing fuel consumption.

As a discipline, fluid mechanics consists of physics, mathematics, mechanics and numerical analysis. As our student, you will gain knowledge of and work with modern theoretical, numerical and experimental methods to find solutions to a wide variety of fluid mechanical problems. At the Department of Mechanics there is extensive high-profile research carried out within the field, research that you as our student will be introduced to via interaction with our researchers and teachers.