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Solid Mechanics track

Solid Mechanics is one of three tracks within the master's programme in Engineering Mechanics. The students taking this track have their own premises and computer lab. Our faculty strongly values communication with the students.

Our goal is to provide you with knowledge in all the technical aspects of Solid Mechanics analyses, which are in great demand in many industries. Your future occupation can include working with computational stress and strain analysis, design, development, research or testing.

Solid Mechanics as a discipline encompasses Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Mechanics and Physics. It also involves a number of aspects of Materials Science and Industrial Design.

Solid Mechanics is a mature area, which is still continuously being developed and researched both nationally and internationally. The driving force in this work is the development of new materials and their utilization for advanced product functionality, improved durability and reliability, minimizing the adverse environmental impact. At KTH, we devote a lot of effort to developing tools to facilitate the design of new products through the better description of material mechanical properties and formulating appropriate design criteria. We actively develop and use scientific computational tools which are widely adopted by the industry for Solid Mechanics and interdisciplinary analyses.