A challenging international environment and high-quality studies

Konstantinos Chatzimichail joined KTH in 2012 and finished two years later. Today he is working for DeltaNode Solutions AB as a Solutions Manager.

Konstantinos Chatzimichail

Programme and year at KTH: Wireless Systems, 2012-2014
Current position and company: Solutions Manager, DeltaNode Solutions AB

This brand new programme in Information and Network Engineering is an extension of former programmes in Wireless System and Network Services and Systems.

How did you secure your first position?
Searching for your first position is a really stressful process. Be patient and update your CV/cover letters/LinkedIn profile frequently. Sooner or later you are going to be invited to an interview, and then it’s a matter of selling your qualifications, experience and personality in the right way. The person on the other side already knows what to expect from you, so don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. This will become apparent sooner or later. Be yourself and stay focused on the career path you have in mind!

Tell us more about your job.
I’m currently working as Solutions Manager at a Swedish telecom company working in the distributed antenna systems field. It’s a challenging position where both technical and business skills are required. The main part of my day includes communication with potential and current customers, project definition, technical support in terms of indoor RF design, and consulting within the RF field.

What are the other students from your class doing now?
My old classmates work either in the industry or in academia nowadays. Those who followed the academic path are pursuing their Ph.D. studies, whereas the rest are working within either the telecom or consulting field in Sweden or their home countries.

Would you recommend KTH to others as a place to study?
I would absolutely recommend KTH to prospective students. KTH offers a challenging international environment and high-quality studies, while being located in one of the most pioneering cities in the world in terms of technology. So it’s the perfect choice both for those who are interested in research and for those with a more business-oriented approach.

What advice would you give a student who is thinking about applying to KTH?
I would advise them to pay equal attention to their studies and social integration from day one. It is quite possible to get a job in Sweden after your studies, so try to create a network, make local friends and learn the language! The sooner the better!

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