Find out what students from the programme think about their time at KTH.

Ask students about studies

Jiaying Yang

Information and Network Engineering

Ashutosh Vaishnav

Information and Network Engineering


Ashutosh Mittal

– I feel my Master’s programme is very well balanced between theory and application. 

Shuang Zheng

– Participating in activities with students of diverse backgrounds is incredibly cool.

Animesh Das

– I was extremely interested in the high-quality research work conducted at KTH.

Liangcheng Yu

– As a technical person in ICT, Sweden provides an innovative atmosphere in the industry as well.

Svetlomir Petrov

– I am impressed by the vast amount of research conducted at KTH. If one wants to be a researcher, KTH is a perfect place!

Evangelos Krokos

– Be patient, confident, enjoy the experience and sign up as soon as possible at SSSB’s housing.