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Faculty and research

At the Division of Integrated Product Development and Design, the research area covers organisational and technical processes for the efficient and effective development of innovative technology-oriented products, services and systems. This includes technology, tools, procedures, and work organisation for increased efficiency and learning in industrial product development processes.

The division's research focuses on critical factors for competitive and innovative processes in the industry in terms of utilisation of tools and procedures, organisational cooperation, parallel processes and interdisciplinary teamwork. The research is also focused on sustainable design, health, and well-being.

Many of our researchers are and have been engaged in the challenges of sustainable mobility in cities. One focus area is accessibility, i.e. providing more of the services people need at a walking distance from their homes. Another focus area is providing Mobility as a Service, MaaS, to break the dependency on car ownership.

The research group Green Leap  addresses sustainability challenges using design methods, often in collaboration with companies, organisations and design practitioners. We often use a Living Lab method to discover valuable insights regarding people's behaviour and their openness to change in a sustainable direction.

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