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"As a student at KTH I appreciate the cultural and educational diversity the most"

Jovita is from Lithuania. Her home university is Kaunas University of Technologies. As an international student, she loves travelling, hiking, photography, and swimming.

What made you choose KTH?

Since I graduated from product design engineering back in my country, I was wanting to follow the same path in my Master’s degree, and it did not take a long time until I discovered that KTH is the highest-ranking university in the world in my field and that it has great career opportunities.
What fascinates me the most about Stockholm is that it is a well known city for innovations and startups, a great education system, thriving technologies, and opportunities for young graduates.

What do you like most about KTH?

Diversity. As a student at KTH I appreciate the cultural and educational diversity the most, which means you might meet students from Australia, South Africa, China and also take extra courses that are part of a different programme.

What are your impressions of Stockholm and Sweden?

My first impression of Stockholm and Sweden is how similar we are comparing the Baltics and Sweden in terms of nature, people, and traditions. To check this, I also went back to my history books to see where our cultures clashed, and I found out that a noble of Lithuanian origin – Sigismund – was a king of Sweden!

What is your best memory from your time at KTH so far?

The best memory from my time at KTH was the September first week fireworks that took place at the park next to Sing Square.

Are there any differences between studying at KTH and your home university?

Studying at KTH is much more based on projects and adapting the knowledge to real life situations than in my home country, and this has helped me to develop my teamwork and presentation skills as well as my time-management skills.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master’s studies?

Do not hesitate. KTH is ranked as one of the world’s best universities in the world, and although the cost of living in the city and country is high the opportunities and knowledge you gain is worth much more than that.

What do you see as the most significant aspects of your programme?

Hands on, real life situations and problems to be solved on behalf of a product development.

Are you taking part in any student activities?

As a student I am also taking part in a startup community, KTH Innovations, and a startup recently graduated from this programme – Globuzzer.

Do you have a dream job after graduating from KTH?

I have always dreamed of working in a high-tech, fast-growing company working globally.