Hedvig appreciates the strong industry connections at KTH

Hedvig Ahlgren originally comes from Gotland, the biggest island of Sweden. She studied at University of Malmö in the southern part of Sweden, and then moved to Stockholm and KTH to study the master’s programme in Integrated Product Design within the Product Innovation track.

What made you choose KTH and your master’s programme? 
When I finished my Bachelor’s degree, I didn’t feel that it was enough for me to start working immediately. I felt that I wanted to continue developing within an area I liked, and that is why I applied for the Integrated Product Design master’s programme at KTH. What I had seen in previous courses throughout my Bachelor’s programme was how much I enjoyed collaborating with people (especially when the different skills amongst people differed the most!), and how much I liked the challenge to make every competence within a team work together to come up with the desired result. That is why I choose this master’s programme as it put a lot of focus into integration amongst competencies in projects.

The track product innovation I chose suits me the best as it is a lot about both business and product development, and I find it appealing to learn more about how companies work with this in real life. I did an internship last summer at a global company, and throughout the summer I realised that I could apply different parts to my work from almost all of the courses I had taken at KTH the last year, which is substantial proof of how well the courses mirror reality in many industries.

What is your best memory at KTH?
My best memory so far from was when we got to join a trip with our start-up organised by KTH Innovation to Silicon Valley, for what they call the KTH Brighter Program. They picked seven start-ups from KTH that got to join, and it was a great experience and a proof of how many cool things that are going on at this university.

What do you think are the differences between studying at KTH and your home university?
The biggest difference from my previous university is that KTH has a lot of connections to the industry in general. In a lot of the courses, there are companies involved in the tasks which make the projects more real and engaging to work on. For example, now I´m taking a class where we are working on a business and product development case, and each project within the course are real cases connected to a company which supports you throughout the process.

What would you say to students thinking about taking their master at KTH?
To people considering taking their master’s at KTH, I can do nothing else than to recommend it strongly. I have experienced such a professional environment here, and I can honestly say that my knowledge has increased significantly since I started. The people you will meet and the connections you will make I believe are invaluable and will one of the strongest assets when you continue your journey after your studies!

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