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The direct and indirect involvement of industry in the courses helps you learn a lot and develop many connections

Akshat comes from Jaipur, India. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIITDM Jabalpur in India. He loves hiking, playing the ukulele and cooking, as well as eating delicious food!


Why did you choose this master’s programme at KTH?

After completing my bachelor’s degree in a highly technical field, I was interested in pursuing my master’s education in the field of design and management.

KTH is one of the very few universities to offer programme in Integrated Product Design, which is a thoughtful fusion of technology, design and management and does not require a previous background in design.

Moreover, Stockholm has always been deemed to be a hub for design and innovation and this both intrigued me and motivated me to experience it for myself.

What are the best aspects of your programme?

One of the best aspects of my programme is the careful blend of theoretical, practical and experiential learning. Moreover, the direct and indirect involvement of industry in the courses helps you learn a lot and develop many connections. Also, the programme offers two different tracks: Industrial Design Engineering and Innovation Management and Product Development, which you can choose from depending on your inclination. The flexibility that is offered while selecting elective courses in both the tracks gives you a wide area to explore.

Have you chosen a specialisation track within the programme? If Yes, which track and why?

I have chosen the Innovation Management and Product Development track within my programme. This track offers me a much broader understanding of my field of study and also shows me the importance of each stage of the Product Design process. It teaches me how I can use my existing technical knowledge together with my newly acquired design and management-related knowledge to innovate or develop a new product.

What are your favourite courses thus far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the courses in my programme. However, if I had to select some of my favourite courses, they would be: Product Innovation, Modularisation of Products, Managing R&D, and Industrial Design.

How do studies at KTH differ from your previous studies?

Studies at KTH differ greatly from my previous studies. I find the course curriculum at KTH to be more relevant to the industry and the current scenario. Moreover, there are many projects, exercises and a lot of practical work that make your studying experience enjoyable. Also, nearly all the courses have some industry interaction. This prepares you for the real world out there. I also like the classroom atmosphere at KTH, which is very open, interactive and challenging.

How is student life in Stockholm?

The adventures and excitement of your student life in Stockholm begin the moment you arrive here. Starting with the international reception, you enter this amazing world of being a student at KTH. There are so many events, lectures, parties and fairs that take place throughout the year. Also, as a student, you get a lot of discounts everywhere. Living in student housing like Lappis provides you with the opportunity to make many new friends while living right next to a forest or a beach. If you love travelling, there are many places in and around Stockholm that you can visit. The blend of nature, history and modernity makes Stockholm a very beautiful place to live.

How would you describe your time at KTH so far?

My time at KTH so far has been wonderful. It has been a rainbow of experiences. I have grown a lot, both academically and personally. The environment here at KTH is very free, positive, encouraging and challenging. I have had some really intellectual discussions with both my professors and my peers. I have done so much (kayaking, swimming, playing in the snow, witnessing the Northern Lights, and much more) in such little time that I have tons of memories to cherish. Since the first day of arriving at KTH Entré, I have felt very welcomed here. Seeing the way in which KTH changes completely from season to season is an experience in itself, particularly how the vine around the KTH sign changes colour.

What do you want to do after graduating?

After graduating, I want to work for a design and innovation company for some time and then establish my own design studio or a consulting firm.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for their master’s studies?

I feel that KTH is one of the best destinations for master’s studies and the institution has a long history and a great reputation. Moreover, Stockholm is a centre of innovation, start-ups, as well as technology that provides you with innumerable experiences and opportunities. If you would like to be in an advanced, industry-orientated, experiential, unrestricted and challenging study environment, then KTH is the place for you.