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Faculty and research in Interactive Media Technology

The programme is given by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The school conducts research and education in electrical engineering, computer science, and information and communication technology. Faculty involved in the programme mainly belong to the Division of Media Technology and Interaction Design or the Division of Computational Science and Technology and work on a broad range of research topics.

Associate Professor Madeline Balaam is the programme director of the programme. She says: “Our programme gives masters’ students a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge necessary to produce the next generation of interactive media technologies. Not only this, but our students graduate with a strong set of critical skills that mean they are well prepared to face the challenges that tomorrow will bring."

Research groups

The programme is hosted by Media Technology and Interaction Design division. It is a lively research community which research expertise across a number of topics, including:



The department has access to several research and teaching facilities where students and researchers can work on both work-related and private projects.

The Division of Media Technology and Interaction Design manages four research environments: Multisensory Studio, MIDDLA, Haptic Lab and KTH's R1 (reactor hall) .

The Division of Computational Science and Technology manages three large research environments: PDC Center for High Performance Computing, SciLifeLab and the VIC Visualization Studio . The VIC studio in particular is used by both researchers and students within the programme.