Find out what students from the programme think about their time at KTH.

Ask students about studies

Saumey Jain



Adnan Ali Afridi

– Students have the opportunity to work in high tech labs during their courses and thesis projects.

Linnea Gustafsson

– I would love to work with implementing micro technology in the healthcare industry.

Sandra Lüdicke

– After I receive my degree at KTH I want to find a PhD programme, possibly at KTH also.

João Martins de Pina

– The proximity with professors amazed me. Since we are with them almost every day we really get to know each other.

Mohamed Atwa

– KTH's energy and environmentally-oriented programs fit my ambitions to help alleviate the world's energy problems like a glove!

Srejith Satheesh

– KTH acts as a platform to convert learning into an enjoyable experience.