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If you have questions regarding the master’s programme in Polymer Technology you are welcome to contact KTH and our students.

Programme content and specific requirements

Questions regarding the programme content, specific entry requirements and required application documents, please contact the programme.

Contact for master's programme in Polymer Technology

Aalto Univeristy Academic contact: Jukka Seppälä,
Aalto Univeristy Administrative contact: Name: Anja Hänninen,
Chalmers Academic contact: Henrik Leion,
Chalmers Administrative contact: Andreas Eriksson,
DTU Academic contact: Anders Egede Daugaard,
DTU Administrative contact: Morten Ingemann,
KTH Academic contact: Karin Odelius,
KTH Administrative contact: Maria Orgmets,
NTNU Academic contact: Kristofer Gunnar Paso,
NTNU Administrative contact: Hege Johannessen,

General entry requirements

Questions about the application procedure, general admission requirements and language requirements to all KTH master's programmes, should be directed to the Admissions Office,   or +46 (0)8 790 9440. Telephone hours: Mon 13-14, Tue-Thur 10-11(CET).

Ask a student

Ask a KTH student about anything from course literature to the availability of your national cuisine in Stockholm. They will answer your question as soon as they can, so avoid sending the same question to more than one student at a time. 

School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Maya Sleiman
Civil and Architectural Engineering

Lucas Cornelis Veldkamp
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure

Mijin Kim
Real Estate and Construction Management

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Gabriel Miguel Gomes Guerreiro
Electric Power Engineering

Kwinten Van Gassen
Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering

Tim Brinkman
ICT Innovation (EIT Digital)

Calin Capitanu
Information and Communication Technology

Elena González Rabal
Interactive Media Technology

Prajit Thazhurazhikath Rajendran
Information and Network Engineering

Md Helal Uddin
Software Engineering of Distributed Systems

School of Engineering Sciences

Dina Faraj
Applied and Computational Mathematics

Katerina Petropoulou
Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering

School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health

Vishal Jadwani
Chemical Engineering for Energy and Environment

Alma Kvammen
Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Vijay Sai Josyula
Molecular Techniques in Life Science

School of Industrial Engineering and Management

Amanda Herrero Martin
Production Engineering and Management

Aly Ibrahem
Sustainable Production Development