Advanced materials

The Advanced materials track focuses on materials with emphasis on surfaces and interfaces, nanomaterials, biological materials and catalysis. Material synthesis, chemical characterisation, physical and chemical properties and applications are also important aspects. There is a close connection to industrially relevant materials, present products as well as materials for the future. The specialisation track offers an attractive professional education in which several courses are project-based, including project work closely related to research or industry. The courses presented on this page apply to studies starting in autumn 2020.

Year 1

Year 2 at Chalmers

Study year 2 consists either of a 60 ETCS master thesis or four of the recommended courses from the following list and a 30 ETCS master thesis during the spring semester:

Recommended courses P1 P2 P3 P4
KOO092 The synthesis, properties and structures of solid state materials 7.5      
KOK032 Applied organic molecular spectroscopy 7.5      
KTK041 Nanomaterials chemistry   7.5    
KPO045 Biological materials   7.5    
MTT080 Tailored materials and commercialization aspects   7.5    
KBT036 Advanced organic chemistry     7.5  
KBT095 Corrosion     7.5  
KBT160 Advanced organic synthesis     7.5  
KTK011 Catalysis       7.5
KBT030 Applied coordination chemistry       7.5

If the first year was performed at DTU the following courses cannot be taken at CTH: surface chemistry (KTK095), polymer chemistry and physics (KBT025), advanced organic chemistry (KBT036) and polymer technology (KPO020).

If the first year was performed at Aalto University the following courses cannot be taken at CTH: Surface chemistry (KTK095), polymer chemistry and physics (KBT025) and polymer technology (KPO020).