Industrial processes

The Industrial processes track provides students with knowledge in a broad range of areas from molecular processes to construction and operation of large processing plants. Important research areas with a connection to this track include biopolymer chemistry, environmental engineering and reactor technology, petro-chemistry and catalysis, and colloid and polymer chemistry. The courses presented on this page apply to studies starting in autumn 2020.

Year 1

Year 2 at NTNU

Study year 2 consists a total of 60 ECTS credits. The Fall consists of 30 ECTS credits with a specialization course and a specialization project in addition to 1 elective course. The Spring term consists of the 30 ETCS credits Master’s Thesis.

The specialization course (7,5 ECTS credits) and specialization projects (15 ECTS credits) are read with the same theme chosen among the following:

  1. TKP 4515  and TKP 4580  – Catalysis and Petrochemistry Specialization Course + Chemical Engineering Specialization Project
  2. TKP 4525  and TKP 4580  – Colloid and Polymer Chemistry Specialization Course + Chemical Engineering Specialization Project
  3. TKP 4535  and TKP 4580  – Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology Specialization Course + Chemical Engineering Specialization Project
  4. TBT 4506  and TBT 4500  – Biotechnology Specialization Course + Specialization Project Biotechnology

Suggested Master's Thesis topics for Spring 2021 at NTNU

  1. Microplastics in the Ocean – Aggregation and Dispersion State
  2. Polymers for Drilling Fluids – Rheological Performance
  3. Block Copolymers for CO2 Capture, Transport, and Storage in Aquifers
  4. Biopolymers for Enhanced Oil Recovery - Interactions with Surfactants
  5. Polymers for Petroleum Flow Assurance - Paraffin Inhibitor Architectures
  6. Interfacial Modification of Nanocellulose Biopolymers