Polymer engineering

The Polymer engineering track provides students with a broad curriculum in polymer science and technology with an emphasis on polymer chemistry and physics. Particular attention is given to membrane materials and polymers for biomedical, drug release and sensor applications as well as polymer gels, networks, and silicone elastomers. The courses presented on this page apply to studies starting in autumn 2020.

Year 1

Year 2 at DTU

Study year 2 consists of 30 ECTS of the recommended elective courses (see list below). There are additional courses at DTU that can be considered acceptable elective courses, you are recommended to consult DTUs course catalogue (http://kurser.dtu.dk).

Recommended electives courses Fall (13 w) Spring (13 w) Other
235221,6 Rheology of food and biological materials   5 5, Jan. 3w
262363 Advanced Physical Chemistry 5    
262554 Computermodelling in Chemistry 5    
26433 Organic Chemistry 3 5    
264383 NMR Spectroscopy 5    
28246 Applied Enzyme Technology and Kinetics 5    
282477 Advanced Enzyme Technology 5    
283106 Chemical and Biochemical product design 5   +5 Jan. 3W
283155 Applied Colloid and Surface Chemistry 5    
283161,6 Laboratory Course in Colloid and Surface Chemistry     5. Jan. 3w
285304 Transport Processes 10    
288112 Polymers in processes and products   5 5, Aug. 3w
289082 Rheology of complex fluids (heavy, PhD)   7.5 5, Aug. 3w
285352 Rheology of complex fluids (light)   5 5, Aug. 3w
34440 Novel optical fibers in life sciences 5    
417427 Introduction to micro mechanical systems design and manufacture 5    
423727 Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Systems 10    
464205 Composite Materials and Fibres 5    

Notes in the table refers to courses taught in the same module (cannot be combined). In the case of 42372, it blocks for the two other courses, whereas 28247 and 41742 can be followed in the same semester.

46420 cannot be followed if KF2495 was chosen at KTH. 28315 cannot be followed if KTK095 was chosen at Chalmers.

28216 cannot be followed if CHEM-E2215 was chosen at Aalto, 28310 cannot be followed if CHEM-E2220 was chosen at Aalto, 22281 cannot be followed if CHEM-E8145 was chosen at Aalto and 28315 cannot be followed if CHEM-E2150 was chosen at Aalto.

Course structure at DTU: Teaching takes place in 2 semesters and 3 single course elements of 3 weeks.Teaching periods: August 3 week period, Autumn semester (13 week period, September – December), January 3 week period, Spring semester (13 week period, February-May) and June 3 week period.