Study tracks and mobility

The master’s programme in Polymer Technology is a collaboration between five universities with five study tracks covering polymer technology from different perspectives. In each study track, the students are given a background in polymer chemistry and polymer physics, and specialised skills in one chosen innovative polymer technology engineering topic.

The two years are split between two universities. You indicate your study track and mobility plan in the application. For your second year, your application dossier will subsequently be transferred to the second-year university. During your second term, you will receive an admission letter from the second-year university in order for you to have time to apply for accommodation and visa if needed.

The first year is divided into core courses (25–35 ECTS credits) and key competence (25–35 ECTS credits). The core courses cover the areas of polymer chemistry and polymer physics. The second year consists of courses of 30 ECTS credits and a degree project of 30 ECTS credits. There are five study tracks in the programme, resulting in multiple mobility options. Each study track is coordinated by one of the universities. It is not possible to study at the same university both years and it is not possible to combine Chalmers and KTH.

In the application you should include a summary sheet in which you indicate your study track and specify which universities you will attend in accordance to the mobility scheme.

Study tracks