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The research at the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health spans over a wide range of topics, such as the development of solar and fuel cells as well as other environmentally friendly energy sources, how to store nuclear waste in a safe way, the design of novel polymers for use in the medical industry, how to protect metal surfaces against corrosion, the use of natural materials in new products, and how friction can be explained on a molecular level, among many other research projects.

The Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology conducts research in the frontiers of macromolecular material science of biopolymers and synthetic polymers. The research ranges from monomer and polymer syntheses and characterization to modelling/simulation, processing, long-term properties and material performance, composites, functionalities and devices and studies of pulp and paper. Materials from renewable resources, nano-structured materials, materials for medical applications and materials for the field of energy have been identified as four specific research areas of strategic importance that are closely related to the “Global Challenges” ensuring relevance for our society today and in the future. Join us in creating improved materials and products for a sustainable future.

Research carried out at the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health


Ulrica Edlund, professor

Monica Ek, Professor and Head of the Division of Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology

Minna Hakkarainen, Professor and Head of the Division of Polymer Technology

Lars Wågberg, Professor and Head of the Division of Fibre Technology




Recently, the Molecules and Materials at Interfaces Laboratory - 2MILab was founded, with the aim of obtaining a molecular understanding and performing chemical engineering at interfaces in order to being able to control materials properties. 2MILab will stimulate interdisciplinary research projects and involve a large amount of cutting edge research techniques.

Greenhouse Labs

A few years ago, Greenhouse Labs were founded, where small companies working for a sustainable future can conduct research. Around ten companies are now housed in Greenhouse Labs, and their research spans over a wide range of chemical areas, from molecular solar cells to drug development.

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Master's programme in Polymer Technology

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