Signe could have made a better decision regarding her study choice

Signe Carlslund Kristensen comes from Denmark. After finishing her bachelor's degree at DTU she decided to apply for the joint master's programme in Polymer Technology and spend one year at KTH before going back to Denmark to finish her studies.

Hi Signe, why did you choose this programme?

I studied for my bachelor's degree at DTU in Denmark and knew that I wanted to focus the rest of my studies at polymers. I also knew that I in some way wanted to study abroad during my master's. When hearing about this Nordic Five Tech programme I found it just perfect for what I wanted to do! It gave me the possibility to study abroad and to work with polymers at the same time. I choose the study track Polymer Technology where I could study the first year at KTH in Sweden and the second year at DTU in Denmark. 

One of the things I really liked about the programme was that I got the opportunity to study for a whole year in another country. Compared to studying just one semester this was a huge plus for me since I more easily get to create a normal every day life, really get to know the city and get some good long-lasting friendships.

At this point, I am soon done with my year at KTH and it has been amazing. The courses have been great, and I do not think I could have made a better decision regarding my master's. All my expectations have been met!

What is the greatest benefit of the programme?

The biggest benefit of the programme is that you are studying at two different universities and thereby also have the opportunity to take the best courses at each university. I feel like I get a much more specialised education in the field of polymers because I can choose from two universities. The courses they offer at DTU in Denmark and at KTH in Stockholm are not the same, you get “the best of both worlds”. Also, the fact that you have a change of environment halfway through the master's programme is very nice, it really helps getting you out of the same old routines and patterns.

What will you do after you graduate?

After I graduate, I would obviously like to keep working with polymers. During my first year here at KTH, I found that biopolymers is a very interesting field and I hope to work within this or at least with the environmental aspect of polymers. 

Is there any advice you would like to give others who are thinking of studying the programme?

If you have any questions, get in contact with the university. Everybody has been very kind to help me and answer all my questions. They also helped me to get in contact with the students that was already in the programme so I could ask them some questions. 

Also, attend the social activities arranged by KTH (or any other university) when you arrive, it is a great way to get to know some of the other students and it is fun! 

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