Meet Professor Peter Ekbäck, Real Estate and Construction Management

Meet Peter Ekbäck, PhD and Professor in Real Estate Planning and Land Law, Vice Head of the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management.

Short biography

Peter Ekbäck is an professor in Real Estate Planning and Land Law since 2010 but has a long history at KTH with research and education since his PhD in 2000. As a practical background, Peter has worked with real property formation at the Cadastral Authority (Lantmäteriet), and still maintains close relations with different actors in the labour market. He is at present a member of the management team for the educational programme Cadastral Assistant in Land Surveying, at the University of Applied Sciences in Helsingborg.

Current research

Peter’s research has for some years been focused on concepts and models of ownership and different property rights related to land, land management, and the employment of land-based resources. He is also interested in material and procedural aspects of real property formation and reformation. The research approach is in principle based on a law and economics-methodology, where different legal institutions are analysed and evaluated by the use of economic theories and models. Lately, Peter has diverted into historical investigations regarding the development of real property law from the medieval up to present.

Current teaching

Peter Ekbäck is closely involved in several courses, from undergraduate level to postgraduate level. In the master’s programme he is responsible for Law of Real Estate Formation, and Law and Economics for Land Use Topics, among others. He is also an examiner for the Master Thesis-course with real estate law-profile. At post graduate-level his PhD-courses include Qualitative Methods, Real Estate Theory and a course on historical foundations and developments. Peter is also supervising six doctoral students at KTH.

Complete bio and publication list

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