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Abhay received a KTH One-Year Scholarship

What has the scholarship meant for you and your studies?

Without a doubt, this scholarship has meant a lot for me not having any such financial support before coming to Sweden for my master's. I had mentally prepared myself to repay my student loans as soon as possible after my graduation. Especially this year created some worries, given the unprecedented situation due to COVID-19. In that context, this scholarship has given me the freedom to focus on my studies without any concerns about future financial aspects. I want to work impactfully in the field of sustainable energy one day, and the scholarship has indeed given me increased freedom!

What was your academic or professional background before applying for the scholarship?

I had done my bachelor in mechanical engineering in Mumbai before joining the master's programme at KTH. I didn't have any professional working experience other than a two-month summer internship, at Murata Manufacturing Corporation, in Japan.

Do you have any recommendations for students applying for the scholarship?

For the KTH One Year Scholarship, I would say that focusing on performing well in the coursework at KTH is very important. Hand in assignments on time, and make sure you know your concepts well when heading to an exam. In my experience, understanding the concepts was what helped me the most.

What are the best aspects of your programme and your school?

What I like about my programme, Sustainable Energy Engineering, are the multiple track options to choose from after finishing a semester here, based on your experience until then. There are also application/real-life related courses available, which are useful to complement one's theoretical understanding. The atmosphere within the programme and the school is very positive and international, with people from various backgrounds with perspectives and experiences of their own.

What would you say to a student applying for your programme?

Three of four tracks within the programme are tailor-made for students with a mechanical-, energy- or similar background. Part of the coursework is fundamental, to bring everyone to the same level, so if you have a good understanding of the basics, it might seem straightforward. However, after that, newer content and concepts await! The faculty in the department is very friendly and eager to help us!