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Tuition fees

The tuition fee for the THRUST programme relates to the tuition fee required at the participating universities. Please note that the fee presented in the application system University Admission, is calculated into SEK. The invoice for the 2nd year will be sent in EURO and thus depend on the currency rate for May/June 2021.

Programme fee for studies starting 2021

Non- EU/EEA citizens

Year one at KTH: SEK 155 000
Year two at ULG: EUR 8 000

EU/EEA citizens 

Year one at KTH: SEK 0
Year two at ULG: EUR 835

A loan option is available for UK citizens: The THRUST programme is registered for the Professional and Career Development loan, with the reg. number 12435. For further information on financial assistance, please visit the GOV.UK website.

Scholarships and grants

KTH Scholarships are available for the year spent at KTH. Scholarships, grants and other forms of financial support for studies at KTH are also available from organisations and foundations worldwide.

Scholarship opportunities