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Meet Programme Director Milan Horemuz, Transport and Geoinformation Technology

Milan Horemuz is coordinator for course Geographic IT and programme director for the master's programme in Transport and Geoinformation Technology.


Milan Horemuz

Milan Horemuz is coordinator for the study programme Geographic IT and programme director for the master's programme in Transport and Geoinformation Technology. He has been working at KTH since 1996 as research associate, researcher and now as lecturer. He got his PhD degree in geodesy at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, title of PhD thesis: Design of new reference system for Slovakia. He is responsible for bachelor courses Geodetic surveying and Introduction to GPS as well as for master courses Engineering surveying, Integrated navigation and Laser scanning technologies. His main research area is applied geodesy, particularly sensor orientation by supported inertial navigation system, deformation monitoring and integrated GNSS/total station surveying. Currently he is co-supervising two PhD students.

Current research

  • Geodesy, geodata quality and BIM (supervisor of a PhD student)
  • GNSS hardware biases (co-supervisor of a PhD student)
  • Geodetic monitoring system of the Vasa ship (Vasa museum)

Current teaching

Milan Horemuz is teaching in seven courses in the field of applied geodesy. Three of these courses are on bachelor level: the courses “GIS and Surveying” and “GPS and image based positioning” are given within the study programme Geographic IT, the course “Surveying and Mathematical Statistics” is given for programme “Constructional Engineering and Design”, the course “Fundamentals of Property Development and Agency” for programme “Property Development and Agency”. These courses focus on basic surveying methods and their applications in mapping and construction engineering. The advanced follow up courses “Laser Scanning Technologies” and “Research Methodology and Communication Skills” are given within master programme “Transport and Geoinformation Technology” and the course “Environmental Data” is given in master programme “Environmental Engineering” Milan Horemuz is also supervising the Bachelor and Master Thesis projects.

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