Meet Associate Professor Tigran Haas, Urbanism Studies

Tigran Haas, PhD, Associate Professor in Urban Planning and Urban Design, Director of the Graduate Studies in Urbanism and the Director of the Centre for the Future of Places at the Department of Urban Planning & Environment, School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH.

Short biography

Director of the Center for the Future of Places (CFP)

Tigran Haas, BArch/MArch, MSc., Ph.D. (SAR/MSA, UHA/DAZ, APA, CNU, ULI) is the Associate Professor, Reader - Tenured (Docent, Lektor) of Urban Planning + Urban Design, Former Director of Civitas Athenaeum Laboratory (CAL), Current Director of the Centre for the Future of Places (CFP) and the Director of the Graduate Program in Urbanism at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH. He has studied in the USA, Former Yugoslavia (BiH and Croatia) and Sweden and also done Pot-Doc Fellowships at MIT, Boston, UC Berkeley and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Tigran Haas holds advanced degrees in Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Environmental Science and Regional Planning. He has written over 50 scholarly articles, 35 Conference Papers, 5 books, 4 Research Anthologies, and has been involved in teaching in International educational programs. Tigran Haas currently supervises five PhD Students as well as five Masters of Science Students.

Current research

Tigran Haas’ expertise, current research and teaching focus on contemporary trends and paradigms in urban planning & design, new urbanism, sustainable urbanism, social housing and urban transformations, and city development, ageing society, design and medialization of urban form. His Key works are: New Urbanism & Beyond - Designing Cities for the Future, Rizzoli, New York 2008 (ed.) and Sustainable Urbanism & Beyond - Rethinking Cities for the Future, New York 2012, Rizzoli (ed.). Currently Tigran Haas and Krister Olsson (eds.) have published: Emergent Urbanism (London: Ashgate, 2014). Tigran Haas is also working on 3 new books for 2016, 2017 and 2018 (Routledge, Rizzoli and Lexington Press). Tigran Haas is involved in two major research projects, one on Urban Form and Human Behavior and the other one on Ageing Society.

Current teaching

He teaches three graduate courses (MSc), Urban Development and Planning, Challenges for Metropolitan Urban Regions and Higher Seminar for Public Places and Urban Spaces. He also teaches three post-graduate courses (PhD); He has been teaching in the following programs: Real Estate Management, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure, Spatial Planning, Strategic and Project Management, Urban Planning and Design and Sustainable Urban Planning & Design and the current Master’s Program in Urbanism Studies. He has co-founded the first ever Scandinavian Masters in Urban Planning and Design (together with Professor Lars Marcus) and founded the Masters in Urbanism Studies.

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