Diego's passion for ground vehicles made him decide on the Vehicle Engineering Master's programme

Diego Doni is an international student from Monza, Italy. He is studying the Master's programme in Vehicle Engineering and his favorite spot in Stockholm is the view from Strandvägen where you have the ocean on one side and the colourful houses on the other.

What made you decide to start studying at KTH?
The KTH Master's programmes are widely attended by loads of international students. I knew I would have the chance to meet many people from different countries.

How did you decide which programme to choose?
My passion for ground vehicles made the programme in Vehicle Engineering suit me perfectly.

What do you see as the greatest aspects of your programme?
The possibility to meet people from different countries in the world and work with them within the courses.

How do studies here at KTH differ in comparison to your previous experience?
At KTH there are more group work and laboratory sessions than at my previous universities.

Is there something about life in Stockholm and Sweden that has surprised you?
It seems that Swedish citizens are calm, like to take their time to do things, and do them correctly.

Do you have a favorite spot in the city?
The view from Strandvägen. You have the ocean on one side and the colourful houses on the other. It’s truly beautiful.

Could you describe a regular day as a student at KTH?
I have lecture in the morning, then I go to lunch, after that I usually have a lecture in the afternoon with a fika [translation: traditional Swedish coffee break] in-between.

Are you taking part in any student activities?
I would like to join the KTH racing team but have not done so yet.

Do you have a dream job after you graduate from KTH?
I would like to work in the automotive industry, the subject of my studies

Is there any advice you would like to give others that will live in Stockholm and study at KTH in the future?
Regarding Stockholm you should know that the quality of life is high which makes it an expensive city. And regarding KTH you need to get ready to work in groups! 

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