About MOOCs and KTHx

Since 2015, KTH has been a member of the edX global platform. Together with world-leading universities, such as MIT and Harvard, we invite the public to take part in our massive open online courses, so-called MOOCs. You find our MOOCs under "KTHx".

Broaden or deepen your knowledge

MOOCs give you free access to education of high quality from different universities from across the world. Many MOOCs offer opportunities to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with a global community of learners. There is a wide range of MOOC courses within different subjects areas, you can both broaden and deepen your competences. MOOCs do not give any higher education credits, but some MOOCs offer the possibility to obtain a certificate that enables you to showcase your knowledge and skills.

World-leading universities invite the public

Many of the world's leading universities offer MOOCs within a wide range of subject areas as a way to share their knowledge, education and research to the global public. Many universities collaborate in their effort to do this by sharing platforms. KTH is a member of edX, one of the largest educational platforms. Find out more about KTH MOOCs by browsing for KTHx on edX.

KTHx complements KTH

KTHx MOOCs do not grant ECTS credits and do not have the same eligibility and examination requirements as campus-based courses at KTH. However, some course components from KTHx MOOCs may very well be used as part of campus-based courses.


Questions about the MOOC effort at KTH? Please contact us for more information.