MOOCs at KTHx - this is how it works

Do you want to learn something new or deepen your knowledge in a topic, when it suits you, anywhere and at any time? With KTHx, KTH offers open and free online courses - MOOCs. Create an account on, enroll in the course that interests you and start to explore its course content.

Course enrollment

  • Enroll a course free of charge: Create an account on  and enroll in the course that interests you. Enrolling in a course and taking part of its course content is free of charge and open for everyone.
  • No formal eligibility requirements: There are no formal eligibility requirements, however, many courses indicate whether the course is on an introductory or more advanced level.

Course overview

Most edX MOOCs, including KTHx MOOCs, build on relatively many but short video lectures, different text- and image-based material of various extent, knowledge control questions/quizzes, short written assignments and interaction with other learners in different discussion forums. The exact course design differs between different MOOCs.

The expected time effort needed to complete a MOOC also differs between different MOOCs, but most MOOCs require a couple of hours of work per week for a couple of weeks. Some MOOCs are self-paced and can be completed in shorter time through more intensive studies.

Participation in the different assignments is voluntary. Some assignments, however, award points if successfully completed and are compulsory if you are interested in earning a verified certificate for the MOOC.

Verified certificate

If you are interested in earning a certificate for completing and passing a MOOC, you may have to pay a verification fee (often 25-250 USD per MOOC or per program of MOOCs) and verify your identity by taking a photograph of yourself and your government-issued photo ID. To earn a verified certificate, you also need to earn a certain number of points from assignments that award points (often at least about 60% of the total amount of possible points). The possibility to earn a verified certificate for completion of a MOOC is sometimes time limited.

A more detailed guide on how edX MOOCs work is available here


Questions about the MOOC effort at KTH? Please contact us for more information:

Linda Barman, project manager KTH MOOC

Stefan Hrastinski, Head of Unit, Technology for Learning