Industry-employed doctoral students

Are you employed by a company or organisation and interested in conducting doctoral studies? Is your employer willing to finance your studies? If so, you might consider becoming an industry-employed doctoral student at KTH.

Who can become an industry-employed doctoral student?

Realising a research dream

"I'm a consultant, but I'm also an engineer who wants do delve deeper. Now I can do both."

As an industry-employed doctoral student at KTH, you normally hold an employment contract with an external employer but are enrolled as a doctoral student at KTH for at least 50% of full-time.

The admission requirements  are the same as those applied to other categories of doctoral students. The extent and scope of the research studies may vary over time, but it is preferred that doctoral students spend most of their working hours in the academic environment. The target degree for industry-employed doctoral students can be either a licentiate or a doctorate.

More about being a doctoral student at KTH

How does it work?

KTH has a long tradition of attracting doctoral students who are employed by external companies and organisations. Currently, KTH has approximately 200 industry-employed doctoral students. This partnership provides opportunities for individuals and organisations outside KTH to develop their expertise and to exchange knowledge with the academic world. Industry-employed doctoral students are normally supported by the salary they receive from their principal employer or by external funding. KTH is compensated for the cost of providing a work space, infrastructure, and supervision - normally between SEK 150,000 and 300,000 a year.

How are industry-employed doctoral students recruited?

A discussion regarding an industry-funded doctoral student involves a KTH school or department and the company or organisation where the prospective student is employed. Please contact a relevant KTH school or department  in order to discuss the possibilities.

The decision to enrol an industry-employed doctoral student is taken by the head of the relevant school based on a proposal submitted by the intended supervisor at KTH, in consultation with the employer.

An agreement between the relevant KTH school and the doctoral student´s principal employer is drawn up to establish stipulations on work methods, supervision and intellectual property rights, etc.

An industry-employed doctoral student is assigned to a main supervisor and an assistant supervisor at KTH. The student should also have a supervisor and a manager at his or her place of employment.

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