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Therese chose to stay at KTH

After graduating from KTH with a master's degree in engineering, Therese Arvidsson now holds a doctoral position at the same school. Her job is to conduct research in her own PhD project but it also includes courses, articles in scientific journals, conferences and work as a teaching assistant.

Doctoral student Therese

“The whole concept of a doctoral position is to get paid as a regular employee while also being educated,” she says.

Part of a large network

Therese conducts research into the dynamic response of railway bridges in order to investigate the possibilities for 'getting more' out of a bridge without sacrificing its safety.

“The object is to get the best return on an investment in a bridge,” she says.

In practice, the research could generate major financial and environmental savings for the bridge construction industry through train load modelling – a good example of research, studies and social benefit going hand in hand.

As a PhD student at KTH you are part of a large network with colleagues, experts and extensive international research and education exchanges with other universities and university colleges within easy reach.

“There is a mix of people from all over the world here, which creates an enjoyable working environment. The coffee breaks are always interesting!” she says.

Make the most of the possibilities

At KTH you have full control over your research, both in terms of your field and your methods. The role of doctoral student requires you to have an independent, conscientious and goal-oriented approach to your work.

“We are expected to work independently but there is also so much going on here and plenty of possibilities for joining different side projects.”

There is also time for reflection and to deepen your knowledge. The focus is more on knowledge than quick financial results. Therese Arvidsson chose KTH not just because of its excellent reputation but because she also comes from Stockholm.

What about the future?

“The Swedish Transport Administration could be an option," she says, “or a construction consultancy. Ideally I want to keep one foot in KTH, perhaps in some research project. Working here is just so inspiring!”

How to become a doctoral student at KTH