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PhD defence procedure

In EuroSPIN we will try to have one thesis and one examination procedure (see Article 10, Individual Doctoral Candidate Agreement ).

For students with KTH as home or host university a general for preparation of the defence is suggested. The defence can take place in Sweden or abroad but the KTH rules must be fulfilled. If additional requirements are needed due to the regulations of the second university they should be added on top of the KTH rules.

Note that you have to start the process at least 6 months before the defence date. Ask your supervisor if unsure.

There is a hard deadline 6 weeks before defence by which the following documents must be ready (see the official timeline for details and KTH Archive for templates):

  • Application for the defence (Anmälan - Disputation) filled in by the supervisor
  • Summary of quality review of the doctoral thesis by internal quality reader (Summering av förhandsgranskning för licentiatuppsats/doktorsavhandling)
  • Individual study plan, the final version
  • Electronic draft of the thesis sent to the director of doctoral studies

Useful resources

  1. Individual Doctoral Candidate Agreement for candidate admitted to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Program EuroSPIN  Agreement (pdf 106 kB) .
  2. for postgraduate students at the School of Computer Science and Communication KTH (intranet login needed).
  3. for the dissertation at CSC KTH (intranet login needed).
  4. Regulations for the at KTH (intranet login needed).
  5. General design of the KTH Doctoral Thesis cover  KTFV0176 (pdf 64 kB) . Templates for Microsoft Word (docx 53 kB) and   Adobe InDesign (zip 1.3 MB) See also the latest (intranet login needed).
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Last changed: Apr 18, 2016