Examination and degree

Doctoral studies at KTH can lead to either a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Licentiate of Engineering.

Doctoral award ceremony in Stockholm City Hall

Examination and degree

KTH issues the following degrees at the doctoral level:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (four years of full-time study; 240 credits)
  • Licentiate of Engineering (possible intermediate degree, two years of full-time study; 120 credits)

A doctorate is received after completing studies that correspond to 240 credits in one of KTH´s doctoral (postgraduate/third-cycle) subjects. In addition to a scientific doctoral thesis (dissertation) worth a minimum of 120 credits, a doctorate requires that students complete courses corresponding to a minimum of 60 credits. Doctoral theses are presented and defended in public disputations.

A licentiate degree is received after completing studies that correspond to 120 credits in one of KTH´s doctoral (postgraduate/third-cycle) subjects. In addition to a scientific paper worth a minimum of 60 credits, a licentiate degree requires that students complete courses corresponding to a minimum of 30 credits. The licentiate thesis must be presented at a public licentiate seminar.

Credit system

KTH uses a credit system in which one week of full-time study (40 hours of lectures, individual studies, etc.) is equivalent to 1.5 credits (högskolepoäng). One academic year of full-time studies equals 60 credits. Swedish credits are comparable to European ECTS credits, in which 60 ECTS credits correspond to the workload of one full-time academic year, normally 1,500 - 1,800 hours.

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