Södertälje - the county’s best student town

Södertälje is ranked by the magazine Studentliv as by far the best student town in the county. KTH Södertälje is Södertälje’s university college campus.

This is where you will find an exciting mix of new IT solutions and a culturally protected environment. A moderately large area with close and natural contacts between the teachers and students - and with the Starthuset (Start building), where you as a student will receive the support you require to start your own business.

KTH Södertälje’s education is being constantly developed via a close co-operation with the town’s business community and in particular major Södertälje companies such as Scania and AstraZeneca. Among other things, university engineers in electronics and mechanical engineering are educated here. In addition, we also offer various Master’s programmes in logistics, project management and product development.

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