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Food Politics of Antarctic Krill: the Soviet Food Experiment

Tid: Må 2020-10-12 kl 13.15 - 14.45

Plats: Zoom

Presentation by post-doc Tayana Arakchaa in the higher seminar series at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, ABE-school. The post-doc project is carried out within the ERC project "Greening the Poles: Science, the Environment, and the Creation of the Modern Arctic and Antarctic" (GRETPOL). For more information on the ERC-project, see description at the division website: www.kth.se/en/abe/inst/philhist/historia/forskning/nordic-center-of-exc/greening-the-poles-science-the-environment-and-the-creation-of-the-modern-arctic-and-antarctic-1.760476

If you are interested to attend this seminar, you can contact the coordinator of the seminar series by writing an e-mail to: higher-seminar@kth.se
Deadline for request to register for the seminar is 10 am on the day of the seminar.

Web address for further information

Higher seminar series schedule for autumn 2020: www.kth.se/en/abe/inst/philhist/historia/2.78498/hogreseminarium

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Katarina Larsen

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