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Higher seminar ”A Sea Change in the Environmental Humanities”

Higher seminar of Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment.
Presenter Prof. Cecilia Åsberg, KTH

Tid: Må 2020-09-28 kl 13.15 - 14.45

Plats: Zoom

Reading for seminar:
Åsberg, C. 2020. A Sea Change in the Environmental Humanities, Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities, no 1, pp. 108-122.
Find pdf online: www.environmentandsociety.org/sites/default/files/key_docs/1670705783_ecocene-1.1.12_asberg_0.pdf

If you are interested to attend this seminar, you can contact the coordinator of the seminar series.



Katarina Larsen, coordinator of Higher seminar series