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Language as a tool for breaking the gender binary

How are binary gender norms affected by language use? In this year’s Academic Pride seminar, we’re exploring perceptions of inclusive language and how the new personal pronoun “hen” has influenced Swedish speakers’ understanding of gender.

Tid: To 2021-08-05 kl 12.30 - 13.15

Plats: Pride House at Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, 118 60 Stockholm

Academic Pride is a collaboration around Stockholm Pride between several of Stockholm’s higher education institutions and their associated student unions. The purpose is to highlight the importance of LGBTQIA+ issues in institutions of higher education, both in research and education as well as in regards to inclusive work and study environments. This year Academic Pride is coordinated by KTH.

At this seminar, researchers Elli van Berlekom (Stockholm University) and Amanda Klysing (Lund University) show, based on current research, how small variations in language can have large effects on how people interpret others in terms of gender and how people are affected by the language used to describe gender. Focus lies on how to break the binary notion of gender, and what practical implications this may have.

The seminar will consist of two short presentations followed by discussion and questions. The presentations will be about the Swedish pronoun hen and non-binary categorizations of gender, and expressions of the gender binary in recruitment situations.

In order to attend the seminar you will need a ticket to Pride House. For more information, see www.stockholmpride.org/

The seminar will also be live streamed. A link to the live stream will be available closer to the event at program.stockholmpride.org/en/events/4/language-as-a-tool-for-breaking-the-gender-binary


Roh Petas, KTH Equality Office