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SciLifeLab Data Repository Launch

SciLifeLab Data Centre invites you to join the launch of the SciLifeLab Data Repository! The event will feature presentations of the repository by representatives from Data Centre and Figshare, presentation of the user perspective of the repository and opportunities to ask questions. Register to the launch event to learn more about the SciLifeLab Data Repository and how it can be of use to you!

Tid: Fr 2021-05-07 kl 10.00 - 12.00

Plats: Zoom

Register here: www.scilifelab.se/event/scilifelab-data-repository-launch

Introduction - Johan Rung (SciLifeLab Data Centre).
Storing, sharing, and citing your data with SciLifeLab’s Figshare - Megan Hardeman (Figshare).
User perspectives - Vicent Pelechano (KI), Jonne Rietdijk (UU), Mikael Sellin (UU).
FAIR as a factor for bigger research impact - Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström (NBIS).
Q&A session - Moderated by Data Centre.

About the SciLifeLab Data Repository:
The SciLifeLab Data Repository, powered by Figshare, is a repository for publishing any kind of research-related data, e.g. documents, figures, or presentations. Figshare is an open data repository used by researchers in numerous disciplines. Through an agreement with Figshare, SciLifeLab offers researchers and facilities the opportunity to upload and publish their research data through a dedicated portal. The purpose of the SciLifeLab Data Repository is to serve publishing of data. Link to the SciLifeLab Data Repository : scilifelab.figshare.com.



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