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Webinar: What are the best practices in reskilling for employability?

The first out of three webinars in the series "Will Reskilling Secure Competence?"

Tid: Må 2021-11-22 kl 09.00 - 11.00

Plats: Zoom

This webinar sets the stage for reskilling for employability by discussing the changing needs of the labour market and how that redefines competence. We define reskilling and discuss the model for life-long learning and best practices in reskilling.

- The future of competence
- What are the labor market reskilling needs for the future? - Stakeholder perspectives
- What are the best practices for reskilling for employability? Case studies from Sweden

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Contact person
Mattias Wiggberg

​​​​​​​mattias.wiggberg@indek.kth.se ​​​​​​​