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Workshop: Ethics of AI Use in the Public Sector

The ethics of AI in the public sector covers a broad range of issues of privacy and security, transparency, legitimacy and fairness. With AI and automated decision-making being implemented as part of the decision-making process on national and local level, there has been a rise in interest regarding the ethical consequences of such new systems.

Tid: On 2021-06-09 kl 09.00 - 16.00

Plats: Zoom

This workshop will feature talks on the topics of governance of artificial intelligence, political implications of ethics in the discussion of AI use, an overview of AI’s adoption as well as on the ethics of automated criminal sentencing, conflicting norms and values in the military domain and corporeal ethics in interaction design practice, among others. Abstracts can be found at the workshop website.

The event has been co-funded by the KTH Digitalization platform.

More information: www.kth.se/philhist/phil/workshop


Maria Nordström