Céline Montanari

PhD Student


Tel: +46 76 559 22 08

Project Title

Multifunctional transparent wood composites.

My research activities focus on the modification of wood template and its functionalization to design novel wood-based materials. Transparent wood is one example of wood template functionalization for light-transmitting applications. New materials properties can be obtained by infiltrated various polymer systems into the porous wood template.

The figure below shows a demonstration of a multifunctional transparent wood for thermal energy storage applications.


PhD student at KTH, Division of Biocomposites and Wallenberg Wood Science Center since November 2017

2015-2017: M.Sc. in materials science and engineering, double Master’s degree from EEIGM (Nancy, France) and LTU (Luleå, Sweden)
Research project: Impact properties of nanocellulose films, LTU (Sweden)
Master thesis work: Additive manufacturing of silicon nitride, Swerea IVF and LTU (Sweden)

2012-15: -B.Sc. in materials science and engineering, EEIGM (Nancy, France)
  -Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles, Lycée Clemenceau (Nantes, France)

Recent Publications

E. Jungstedt et al., "Mechanical properties of transparent high strength biocomposites from delignified wood veneer," Composites. Part A, Applied science and manufacturing, 2020.
C. Montanari, Y. Li and L. Berglund, "Multifunctional transparent wood for thermal energy storage applications," Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, vol. 257, 2019.
C. Montanari et al., "Transparent Wood for Thermal Energy Storage and Reversible Optical Transmittance," ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 11, no. 22, pp. 20465-20472, 2019.
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