Tailoring of adhesion in fibrillar networks using supramolecular assemblies and double polymer networks

Tobias Benselfelt

Email:    bense@kth.se

Phone: 087908039

Project description 

The project is aimed at both measuring and designing strong adhesive joints between fibres/fibrils and polymeric matrices by using the concept of supramolecular assemblies and double networks both in the dry and in the wet state. It has been shown, both by ourselves and by others, that nanometer thick, tailored films between solids can create ultra-strong, adhesive joints between macroscopic objects. This is possible due to specific interactions between the polymers/polyelectrolytes and a designed entanglement of polymers across the interface between the treated surfaces. By using both polymers/polyelectrolytes and nanoparticles it will also be possible to create sacrificial bonds that will allow for large extensions of the molecular assemblies without macroscopic failure.

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