Mattias Karlsson

PhD Student

Project title:

Towards an ultra-high voltage DC cable insulation – Adsorption of Charge Carriers in Polyethylene Nanocomposites


Prof. Ulf Gedde

Ass. Prof. Richard Olsson

Prof. Mikael Hedenqvist

Adj. Prof. Henrik Hillborg




F. Nilsson, M. Karlsson, L. K. H. Pallon, M. Giacinti, R. T. Olsson, D. Venturi, U. W. Gedde, M. S. Hedenqvist, Influence of water uptake on the electrical DC-conductivity of insulating LDPE/MgO nanocomposites, Composites Part A (Applied Science and Manufacturing), 2017, 152, 11-19.


PhD student at the Division of Polymeric Materials, Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, KTH, since April 2015.

Master (2014) in Materials Engineering from Uppsala University (Sweden).

Born in Västerås (Sweden) 1988.

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